That's the phrase that I have heard for years "I hate living in Midland/Odessa. There's nothing to do here." "Don't move to Midland/Odessa. There's nothing to do here."

I wish I had that problem.
Sure, we don't have an amusement park. We don't have a major league sports team. We don't have huge mega-malls with multiple floors of shopping options. But nothing to do? NOTHING to do? I disagree.
If Midland/Odessa had nothing to do, my wife and I wouldn't have a Tivo full of shows to catch up on. We would have seen "Breaking Bad" when it was still on the air. Our dogs wouldn't look at us as strangers who stop in just to get a quick night of sleep.
The list of things to do is largely made up by you. And that's not just in Midland/Odessa. That's any city. Between work, blogging, theatre, podcasting, voiceovers, video production, meetings, and just hanging out with friends, I'm busy. Aside from work, all of those things in that list are things that I choose to do (although they do earn some income). My "home" is my bed. The other rooms just happen to exist in the general vicinity. My wife's schedule is similar, if not even busier. Again, aside from work, it's all stuff that she chooses to be involved with.
You can do it too! Once you make your own "things to do," you'll find that there is a lot of enjoyment in filling your time with what interests you. I wouldn't say that the people who are perpetually bored aren't looking hard enough for things to do. They aren't looking at all. It takes minimal effort to fill your time with something interesting, productive, educational, or entertaining.
So how do you find out about stuff to do? Listen to our station! Or go to our website! Follow me on Twitter at That's just the beginning. Think about what interests you, and I promise that you will be able to get involved in it. It just takes a little effort.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to complete four hours on the air, then edit some video, then work on some voiceover stuff. No rest for those who choose to be busy.