I've been wearing kilts for years, now 5.11 is reintroducing their Tactical Kilts. Please refrain from 'Giddy as a schoolgirl' references!

Unless you've been man enough to wear one, you really can't explain the comfort and freedom to a strictly shorts or jeans wearer. Invariably the are the, 'man wearing a dress'comments or strange looks from the uninitiated. But, for the last several years now, kilts have caught on not only as a fashion statement, but as practical/tactical wear.

I have worn everything from traditional, to Sport Kilts, to my favorite Utilikilts. None were perfect for out on the pistol range, until now with 5.11's Tactical Duty Kilt:

...the Tactical Duty Kilt is a functional utility kilt made to perform on duty, at the range, or in an operational environment. Crafted with interchangeable TDU style cargo pockets that hold AR Mags or pistol magazines, and equipped with belt loops to accommodate a 1-3/4" operator's belt, the tactical kilt provides superior durability and functionality for operational use. For heightened freedom on or off the job. - 5.11 Tactical

Plus, $10 of every Tactical Kilt purchased will be donated to The FBINAA Charitable Foundation and We Salute You Veterans.

Watch a video about the new 5.11 Tactical Kilts:

Ok guys, what are you waiting for?