In a rare event, my wife and I had time recently to sit down on the couch to watch a movie. We decided on an old favorite of ours, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." This movie still makes me giggle.

I won't tell you to avoid watching it with your kids. It might have some things that you don't want your kids to see or hear, but that's not advice that I'm qualified to give. As I've said, this movie is a favorite of mine, but one line in the movie really stood out to me this time.



In short, the movie is about a musician who is dating a famous TV star. She cheats on him, and to get his mind off of things, he takes a trip to Hawaii. Surprise, surprise...she's in Hawaii too, and at the same resort with her new boyfriend. All is not lost, though. The musician strikes up a friendship with the girl at the reception desk, and it quickly grows into something more.



Now for the moment that I was talking about. The one that really stood out to me. The musician and the reception girl are hanging out on a beach. The dialogue is as follows:



Rachel: So, how do you like writing music for a TV show?

Peter: It's...great, you know? People are great - it's great to have a steady paycheck - it's...I'm very lucky...

Rachel: Oh my god, you hate it!

Peter: I hate it! So much!

Rachel: So then do something about it!

Peter: Excuse me?

Rachel: I'm just saying, if you hate something, then change it!



Yeah. Simply that. It's really not an earth-shattering statement. You hear people say stuff like that all of the time. But there's something about the wording of it that just really popped out to me.



Some people are perfectly content in their life. Their job, their home time, and their free time fits perfectly into the patterned fabric of their life. Others trudge through their day, comfortable, but not satisfied.



I urge you to be satisfied. I know, I know, it's easier said than done. But true happiness is worth the effort. Even the fear of failure can be overcome if you are looking for true satisfaction. Read my three-part blog about moving to Las Vegas. Spoiler alert: it didn't work out, but we tried. Maybe you have dreams of moving away. Maybe you have dreams of starting your business. Maybe you have dreams of becoming the world's greatest chihuahua juggler. Just do it. Otherwise, your deathbed will also be where your dreams die.