You can see the little fellow right after the #TheWalkingDead.

Fans were surprised when the emoji showed up when they tweeted #TheWalkingDead during the Season 6 Premiere and it was also confirmed during the night's episode of 'The Talking Dead'.

As for last night's episode (WARNING SPOILERS: READ NO FURTHER)...

The night picked up with flashbacks from Season 5, with the appearance of Morgan. The premier took care of several storylines as it took us back with back and white segments, even using them to good effect to explain something we just saw in' real time'. We also find out why Alexandria has been able to live almost zombie-free. The zombie 'fish-trap' at the quarry explained this and also featured over 300 extras with thousands of others digitally created.

The size and scope of the episode is something we haven't seen up to this point in TWD. Greg Nicotero also featured some of his best 'real' effects for the walkers, with very little added digitally. The 'Tight Squeeze' walker is a great example.

If season six was any indication, this season's 'The Walking Dead' may be the best yet!