On tonight's (April 15) battle round episode of 'The Voice,' rocker Garrett Gardner was pitted against soul singer J-Sun for Team Shakira's first vocal bout of the night. Actually, it was her first battle round ever, since this is her first season. The twosome turned in an alternatively rock and soul version of the Heavy's 'How You Like Me Now?' It was a hard decision for Shakira, who went back and forth, espousing the virtues of both.

She eventually chose Gardner, since she had a soft spot for him.

The song is somewhat vintage-sounding and since Garrett is a rock dude, while J-Sun has sweet, R&B tonality to his voice, yet is 10 years older and more experienced, it would seem, on paper, that Garrett would have the advantage. And he did.

It was an epic battle, with Garrett using his rock-honed charisma as J-Sun turned it up, letting his rasp dominate the performance. Shak acknowledged how tough of a decision it was, saying, "I am sorry I took this job." Blake Shelton told her to just drink like he does in order to get past the difficulties of having to choose in the battle rounds.

While Usher felt that J-Sun was the clear winner, delivering a sermon-like performance of the song, Shak ultimately chose Gardner, who tried out last season but didn't get any chairs turned for him. So he is enjoying a bit of a Cinderella story this year.

We felt bad for J-Sun since he did seem to win the round, at least in our minds and Usher's mind. But then again, it's Shakira's team and she'll pick who she wants to.