Last night was the premiere of 'The Bachlorette, and I'm excited to see which of these hot guys Desiree chooses. Here's my breakdown on the bachelors.

Bachelors That Will Make It

Bryden --  a war vet and pretty much the most normal guy on the show at this point. His hair needs a little work, but he is cute!

Brooks — I think he is going to be the lover of the bunch. I watched the promo for the season a couple times and Brooks is in a ton of shots! We will see!

Bachelors That Won't Make It.

Mikey T -- looks like T-rouble I have a feeling that he is the bachelor that gets in fights and I think that he say's something that ticks off the other guys.

Ben -- sadly I think Ben is not going too far with Des's heart. I feel that he is going to be more like a big brother figure. Sure he had a cute kid named Brody, but if he keeps saying he has the cutiest Brody in the world I might hunt him down! My 4-year-old Brody is way cuter -- see!

My Brody!

Bachelors That Said Buh-Bye

"Knight in Shining Armor" - he had to be sweating in that gear! The poor guy was wreck and he was unable get anytime with Des. I think he was just too stiff!

Mr. Fantasy Suite -- major fail! This guy kept pressing the idea of a fantasy suite to Des, and also trying to take her back to dark scary places. So she sent him home before the rose ceremony! Good Job Des!

What do we have to look forward to on this fairy-tale season? Fights, man tears or an old girlfriend that comes back with angry eyes!

Next week, someone gets hurt playing some type of 'man ball' and Andy Grammer will sing on the one on one date! Yeah!