Every guy on the Bachelorette showed off their amazing bodies, and I was in heaven!

Last night on the Bachelorette, Des and the guys took off from the mansion in Los Angeles and headed out to tour the world. Their first stop, Atlantic City!

Brad, the other single dad, was selected to join Des on the one-on-one date -- I was hoping to see a spark between him and Des, sadly there wasn't. Brad couldn't keep a conversation going, so back to Denver he went to be with his little one.

During the group date it was all about finding the perfect abs.The guys had to learn to walk like pageant girls and come up with a talent!

The guy that stood out to me was Zak from Mico, Texas, he sang a song and did a great job! Overall winner of the Mr. Bacherlorette was Kasey, he is funny and super cute!

The last one-on-one date went to up high in the sky and took a tour of the all the devastation from Hurricane Sandy!  James and Des met a sweet older couple and gave them their date for the night, this couple's house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy on there anniversary night!