When will you be shopping for all your gifts? You might be a Black Friday shopper but you might want to change your shopping dates after you read this.I have always thought that Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the go to time to swipe that credit card. It turns out that some of us may be missing out on major deals and light people traffic on days that might surprise you. I might just have to swipe that credit card on different days!

According to Yahoo Finance the 10 Best days to shop retail stores is during the work week. Maybe I'll take some time off or have a longer lunch!

Retail analyst ShopperTrak came up with a list of the 10 best days to shop during the holidays, based on when there would be the least amount of foot traffic in stores. Here are the ten lightest shopping days, ranked from least to most retail foot traffic:

1. Nov. 27 -  Tuesday
2. Nov. 26 -  Monday
3. Nov. 28 - Wednesday
4. Dec. 4 - Tuesday
5. Nov. 29 - Thursday
6. Dec. 3 - Monday
7. Dec. 5 - Wednesday
8. Dec. 6 - Thursday
9. Dec. 10 -  Monday
0. Dec. 11 -  Tuesday

After reading this will you be changing your shopping dates? I know that I will take a longer lunch and switch around my retails stores that I buzz through on Black Friday. Watch out--Kohls I'm headed your way on Tuesday!

Where will you be shopping this Holiday Season?

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