‘Spring Awakening’ is Headed to Broadway!
In an earlier story last month, I told you of how we had the opportunity to see Deaf West Theatre’s 'Spring Awakening' directed by our nephew, Michael Arden. Now it turns out we will get to see it in New York as the show is going to Broadway!
Summer Mummers – The Halfway Point
Before last night's rehearsal for Summer Mummers, I stopped by a local restaurant to pick up some food for my wife. As I waited in line, a lady started to pass me, but stopped dead in her tracks. She said, "I'm sorry, you probably get this all the time, but you're that guy, a…
I’m Returning to Tuna, Texas and Inviting You to Join Me
Did you see "Greater Tuna?" You know, the show where Joe Thomason and I each dress up as ten different characters and portray small town life in Texas? The show that performed to sold-out audiences for weeks on end? The show that made me sympathize with anybody who has ever worn hi…