Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas
My vacation to Las Vegas may be over, but I have been reliving it the past few days through the photos I made while I was there. Take a look.
My Afterthoughts About Las Vegas
Last week, I went to Vegas with my family. This was probably my 10th trip to Vegas in the past five years. Here are some thoughts coming away from the experience:
Luck Be a Lady Tonight!
We're off to Las Vegas! Well, not yet. I still have two performances of Summer Mummers to do. And I'm broadcasting live tomorrow morning from the Odessa Farmers Market. Oh, there's also post show drinks at an undisclosed-to-the-public location after tonight's show. It's not a secret because we don't…
Las Vegas or Bust, Part 2
The phone call came. It was from our friend. "So, something is going on with the bank, and it's going to be another week or two before I can move into the house."
Las Vegas or Bust – Part 1
This blog is about a period in my life that many have heard about. Some know very little, some know more, but I don't think there's anybody who really knows the full story. So, here it is, in its full glory. A two-part tale of two starry-eyed dreamers who ended up right back where they sta…

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