80’s Heartthrob Don Johnson turns 65 Today!
80's Heartthrob Don Johnson turns 65 Today!
When you think back to the 80s, the TV show you probably envision is 'Miami Vice' and the man who 'made' the show, Don Johnson who turns 65 today!
'Miami Vice' was the watermark for television in the 80s...
Darth Vader Turns 79 Today!
After reading that headline you'd be forgiven for asking which Darth Vader, well that's easy; the original.
DAVID PROWSE, the man who originally played the evil Lord Vader is 79! 
It was...1977 when David attended an audition for a film entitled Star Wars...
‘Superman’, Christopher Reeve Would Have Been 61 Today
‘What is a hero?’ My answer was that a hero is someone who commits a courageous action without considering the consequences. . . . Now my definition is completely different. I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Th…

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