A Bakersfield, California boy was saved from a vicious dog attack...by his cat!

In a security video released today show the 4-year-old boy riding his trike in his paved home driveway. Another camera picks up the unleashed neighbor's dog as it begins to stalk the youngster around an SUV, then attack.

That's when the family's cat comes charges the dog, engages it and chases it off! The boy's mother, Erica Triantafilo, was outside at the time.  She said the dog was still hanging around so she tried to chase it away, but it bit her as well.
The boy was taken to the hospital and received 10 stitches. He's is recovering at home.

Officials said the offending dog has been voluntarily quarantined.

I'm pretty sure my cat would watch with amusement, then post the video on YouTube.