This Friday will see Starz' epic period drama 'Spartacus: War of the Damned' coming to an ultimate close with series finale "Victory," followed by the introduction of all-new period thriller 'Da Vinci's Demons,' but the network's next drama could look to a very different kind of history. Former 'Newsroom' writer and MTV personality Gideon Yago will pen a pilot script for Vietnam War drama 'Airborne,' but will it prove Starz's most controversial series yet?

For as often as Starz drama has dipped into history for its epic tales, the latest could prove a bit closer to home. Via Deadline, we've learned that the premium cable network has begun developing Vietnam war drama 'Airborne,' to be written by Gideon Yago and produced by 'Spartacus' executive producer Bob Tapert.

'Airborne' follows a young helicopter crew as they fight for survival, sanity, their souls and each other in a war that has begun descending into chaos. In a statement announcing the project, Yago said of the story "Even though we are using Vietnam and the early days of air cavalry as a backdrop, our hope is to bring the audience timeless stories about what makes a hero and how a group of young people fight to retain their humanity in the midst of a surreal and terrible conflict."

Tapert clarified that the series would be shot from "a lens that is both surreal and stylized," but what say you? Do you think Starz can handle a Vietnam war series like 'Airborne?' Tell us if you'd be interested to watch the series in the comments!