There are a lot of things we have learned to live without in the new age of radio, but coffee is not, nor will it ever be, one!

Over my 30 some-odd years in broadcasting, things have changed for radio: We've all had to learn to do a lot more with less. Less perks, less money, less staff, fewer vehicles, but the one constant we could rely on, was that there was always a hot fresh cup of joe to activate our brain cells. That is, until this morning, when like the pauper discovering his last crumbs of bread have been devoured by rats, we all stood staring forlorn at empty our Super Brew Master because there were no grounds to run through it.

Cranky Coffee Junkie

I don't mind telling you, I almost decided to work from home this morning. But before I packed up and left for the day, we sent out text messages and emails to the powers that be, threatening jihad if our (reasonable) demands were not met. They relented and after an emergency run to McDonalds, the day was saved...for now.