The man who helped save mankind in the movie 'Mars Attacks', Slim Whitman - Dead at 90.

Country singer Slim Whitman, known for his yodeling skills and falsetto voice, died Wednesday of heart failure at age 90, said a press release from his family.

Whitman was born in Florida, later in life he joined a band after serving with the Navy in World War II. Talent manager Col. Tom Parker, who would eventually become famous for discovering Elvis Presley, heard the singer in the late 1940s and signed him to a contract.

The yodeling, TV ads and unconventional looks may have earned him ribbing, but they also made him famous. Whitman was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Recent generations know him best as the man who's music defeated the Martians in the movie 'Mars Attacks'.

Watch Slim Whitman kill Martians with just his voice: