Being known as a “Gun nut”, many people have asked me over the last few days, “Is now the time to buy a firearm?”. My answer may surprise you.

If you are just buying a firearm because Pres. Obama has been elected for a second term and you believe he is going to ban them immediately, I would say under no circumstances. The reason is irrational fear on the part of the electret has caused a run on guns to the point that gun stores are going to have a very Merry Christmas.

However, if you were planning to purchase a firearm for your personal protection, and unless it is an immediate emergency, I would still encourage you to wait a few weeks until the prices drop back from the spike.

I would call it in an irrational fear, because there are millions of new gun owners in this country, many of whom have bought firearms over the last few years. But I also encourage you, if you are a responsible person and not a felon, to consider owning a firearm for your personal protection, trying some of the many shooting sports or for just fun plinking.