On this day 7 years ago, I saw something in the sky I couldn't explain.

It was a night like tonight. Clear, cool and I had decided to step outside to have a cigarette. After inhaling then breathing out the grey plume, something caught my eye. In the sky, near the bright star Sirius, there was a flash, then another one, and another. All with in the area of a fist at arm's length, dozens then tens of dozens of little flashes, as if little light bulbs were going off in space miles and miles away.

I'm a bit of an amateur astronomer, but this was something I had never seen before. I ran back into the house and brought my wife out to see. After getting chewed out for waking her, I asked, "What do you see up there?". She didn't have to squint, it was clear to see even over the glare of city lights, little flashes coming from that same area. With my observation confirmed, I watched until it stopped what could have been ten to fifteen minutes later. After the weird had worn off a little, I went to my computer to check to see if there were any satellites that would have been in that area of the sky; nope. I knew it wasn't an aircraft or let me say, any aircraft that modern aviation has produced.

The next day, I called several observatories to see if they might have caught a glimpse of the strange phenomena. Only one returned my call and they had overcast conditions that night. I went on several chat boards, but it seemed that no one had been watching that night but me.

I still can't explain what I saw, but now every night I look up to the stars, expecting to see something.