If you were up and around early enough this morning, you saw this morning's fog literally descend from the sky.

Driving conditions were a little less than ideal as fog has blanketed our area over the last two days. This morning some got to see it begin to form as temperatures began to drop and the dew point rose near dawn.

I took some 'before and after' pictures where you can see the cloud layer just above the ground. They don't have the best resolution, but the top photos are the 'before' shots. The photo at the top of the page shows a drilling rig about a mile away; it completely disappeared a few minutes later. The next photos are of a building about 1/3 of a mile away; its lights still barely visible.

The National Weather Service expects the fog to burn off about 10AM this morning, but until then, visibility will be low in some areas. Use caution and keep your headlight beams on 'low'.