This weekend I had the privilege to introducing another person to the shooting sports, you know her as Roxi!

When Roxi said that she had never shot a gun before and was apprehensive about going with us to the range, I knew it was an opportunity to show someone a valuable self-defense tool.

A friend asked me to teach his wife how to handle a firearm for her upcoming CHL class, so my wife Maureen and I gathered several different types of guns for them to try out: From a .22 up to an .45. I like to start inexperienced people off a .22, just to show them that the recoil doesn’t hurt, then they can focus on sight picture, trigger control and correct grip. After a few minutes, everyone was comfortable and hitting their targets. Then we moved up to the larger caliber pistols.

By the end of the day, the new shooters were confident and happy that they had learned a new skill. The it was time to break out the AR-15!

Spencer Bennett

What was the most rewarding thing? Having someone who says to me, "This completely changed the way I feel about guns!"

What did you do this weekend?