Controversy and protests didn’t come from the ‘Occupy” crowd at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Instead, it began when Texas Congressman (R) Ron Paul was denied a speaking spot at the party nomination of Mitt Romney.

Paul, who had been welcomed to the convention like a rock star by his supporters, had refused to endorse Romney or release his own delegates before the convention. This led the Republican Establishment to do their best to lessen his impact on the festivities. But what was an attempt at unifying the remainder of the delegates, may have help split the uneasy alliance between Tea Party members and establishment Republicans.

More controversy erupted a few hours later when House Speaker John Boehner asked for a voice vote to change the rules which would effectively muzzle any other candidates not nominated from speaking who were not the convention nominee. When he asked for the vote, the ‘no’ votes were louder until Boehner declared the ‘ayes’ had it.

Watch Ron Paul's delegates reaction to being barred from the convention: