I'm just letting my stream of consciousness flow tonight folks, so bear with me on my observations of the past few days.

Jessica McGowan, Getty Images

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director, Dr. Tom Frieden reaffirmed my faith that the Government can't find it's ass with both hands. He basically said on national TV, that you and I would not, could not catch Ebola by riding next to an infected person on a plane for hours. Evidently, we can only catch the deadly disease if we were clothed in full hazmat gear.

Google Ads lack tact and add unnecessary irony to an already sad story.

Screenshot from Tea Party News Network
Photo by Spencer

I'm issued a Windows laptop for work to create blogs, videos and other fodder for your consumption. That's great until you realize that I've been doing all of that on my Mac tonight (and every day) because my PC laptop spends almost all of it's working life installing Windows security updates. I'm not exaggerating.

Photo by Spencer

Finally, this week our shock and sadness of losing a friend was shared by a whole bunch of other folks from all over the country. It reaffirms my belief that even though evil is out there, there is more good. Night-night all.