Mini Oreo Surprise Cupcakes, are the most delicious cupcakes on earth! And my husband the cook of the family decided that was this years cupcake for our son's fourth birthday! 

Last night, when we were just about to make plain-chocolate cupcakes my husband found the recipe for 'Mini Oreo Surprise Cupcakes' -- the surprise is that they are so easy to make! I tend to get freaked out with baking anything and I was blown away how easy these were! Cupcakes with a Mini Oreo and cream cheese in the center and your done!

Don't ask me about the calorie count, because they are worth it! All the kids loved the surprise inside and it felt awesome to make the cupcakes (until 11pm) instead of buying them at the store!

Roxi Pix

My frosting technique needs work! Follow Mix on Pinterest.

Would you make these for your kids birthday?