A new ordinance will soon be voted on by Odessa City Council on the new craze of vaping and e-cigs.

According to NewsWest 9, Odessa city council is looking to elect a new ordinance stating that all electronic cigarettes and vaping devices to be banned in the same places where traditional cigarettes are also banned.

In part, the ordinance reads as follows:

"It will be unlawful for any person to use tobacco products or e-cigarettes within 50 feet of spectator seating and in any public park which includes but isn't limited to baseball, softball, and soccer fields, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts, playgrounds, aquatic centers, swimming pools and facilities, restrooms and other public recreation areas."

The ordinance also states that e-cigarettes are to be banned from health care facilities, elevators, museums, and libraries, and will carry a $500 fine.

Two readings of the ordinance have been passed so far but the mayor and city officials have not signed the ordinance yet.