There is a new juror selection system in place in Midland County and it has helped increase turnout.

According to NewsWest 9, Ross Bush is the county clerk for Midland and he said with the old juror system when 1000 juror summons were sent out only 17% would actually show up.

Thanks to the new juror system provided by Judicial Systems Incorporated, that 17% turnout has increased to 70%.

Residents will still receive a card which will be a 3x5 card with instructions on where to register online. When they go to the site, the potential juror is asked about qualifications and exemptions and then put into a pool.

Once a judge requests jurors for a trial then a bigger card is sent out with a date, which could change, and reminded three times of when they are to meet.

The new system and its flexibility is proving to provide a better turnout for potential jurors.