I'm asked to emcee many events around the area, and occasionally I get the privilege of meeting a truly exceptional individual. Last night was the Midland, Texas Police Department's 21st Annual Awards Banquet where I had the honor of meeting Sgt. Katie Lawson of the Oklahoma Police Department.

I decided to skip dinner and instead have a cup of coffee while Moe and I got to know the night’s speaker. Just looking at Katie you know right away she’s a friendly and professional young woman. She was in her dress uniform with a revolver strapped to her side. She told me she usually carries a Glock .45, something most uninitiated would consider a lot of gun for the small framed Katie. Something else I noticed about Katie, she was wearing her body armor, for reasons everyone would soon find out.

As Katie was introduced, she made her way to the front of the dining room where a video screen was set up. After adjusting her mic and greeting everyone, Katie began to share her story.

After helping a fellow officer at what looked like a routine traffic stop, she was cleared to leave and continue on patrol. That’s when not quite a block away, Sgt. Lawson encountered an armed gunman who proceeded to fire on her. Katie was shot 6 times, 23 bullets impacted her patrol car. Even under fire and after being shot, she was able to return fire and then radio for help.

Listen to the Sgt. Lawson’s call for help:

Read the complete news story here:

Officer Lawson’s interview here:

The audience was fixed on her every word and gesture as she recounted the shooting and her faith, that God had protected her and helped her escape death that night.

Though she would tell you she was, 'just doing her job', we know she is a hero, just like so many others that lay their lives on the line everyday.

Katie was honored with the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) TOPS COPS by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the Rose Garden of the White House.