I’m considering starting a blog about movies I wish I had watched earlier in life. The idea came to me after waking up about a third of the way into “The King’s Speech’, the 2010 feature about King George VI’s efforts to overcome a speech impediment.

The premise itself sounds about as exciting as watching grass grow, but after watching thirty seconds, it immediately drew me in. The movie stars Colin Firth as Bertie, the soon to be King of England and Geoffrey Rush, the speech therapist Lionel Logue, hired to help him.

Their character's interplay is wonderful to watch: The conflict of all men, trying to find their way in life, face their secret pain and confront the isolation that privilege and age brings. Though The King's Speech isn't historically accurate, the story is familiar to almost everyone.

Because of it's rough language, this is not a movie for younger children, but a must see for everyone else!

The King's Speech official trailer: