My friend Laura Bartlett phoned into the morning show to talk about a new invention that will save the wine: The Wine Condom.

Photo by Laura Bartlett
Photo Mark Woods, Courtesy of Laura Bartlett

Laura who is one of the 'Four Funny Females', who's dad is Dr Sylvan Bartlett the Plastic Surgeon, her brother is Dr. Richard Bartlett and mother of the 'Wine Condom kid' tells us how the idea for the product, came into being:

I was the inspiration for Wine Condoms! One night I came home from a friends house with a mostly empty bottle of wine sealed with plastic wrap and rubber bands. I'm a stand-up comedian ( my brain thinks in a funny way. We laughed " looks like a condom!" Although it started out as a joke, it quickly became obvious that a "Wine Condom" would make a superior bottle stopper because of how it sits flush with the rim for easier refrigerator door & shelf storage. It also is a more secure way to transport re-sealed bottles to and from restaurants, picnics, etc. In addition, it's portable and disposable. I guess could could say we think "outside the bottle!" People love Wine Condoms They're both fun and functional. People really love Wine Condoms appearance. One recent review said they "loved the way it the wax (red) seal on a Makers Mark" bottle. Wine Condoms are currently available in one color (Tuxedo Black) but in the future we hope to have them available in a variety of colors and designs. Since we're pretty silly and laugh a lot we thought the following slogans were funny: "Wine Condoms...they're not for weenies!" "Drink responsibly, use proper protection, use Wine Condoms!" And "Wine Condoms: The ultimate protection for wine lovers!" Our package disclaimer states: "Not to be used as a contraceptive." However, perhaps we're doing more than just preventing spills! If we can put our wine condom between the contents of a wine bottle and the lips of a wine lover - perhaps we can prevent excessive drinking that leads to regrettable mistakes." Haha Countries from all over the world are excited about wine condoms. We've received inquiries and/or KickStarter contributions from S Africa, Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, and France. Although our KickStarter campaign was limited to the USA. Wine Condoms have received international media coverage - Africa. Australia, UK, France, Canada, S Africa. Bulgaria, Japan, Singapore, and Netherlands, and Russia. We are always trying to improve on things and bring innovations to the world. We also like to spread joy and laughter- so a sense of humor helps! Mitch likes Cabernet and I prefers blended reds. However, we enjoy any wine that includes friendship, family, conversation, and laughter!

Photo by Laura Bartlett

Listen to Spencer's interview with Laura Bartlett about the 'Wine Condom':