Michelle Obama recently cut her bangs, and she wants you to do the same! I cut mine, but I'm still looking for that "wow" factor. Can you help me out?

When Michelle Obama cut her bangs, the whole world thought, "what is wrong with her stylest?!" Was she going through a mid-life "bang" crisis?

Really, I think she cut bangs becuase she wanted a change! I did the same thing, I cut my bangs a few weeks ago because I needed a change! OK, I really just needed to hide a zit. LOL

Since I have cut my bangs I have been on Pinterest looking at other cuts and styles, I may just cut a little deeper, but I do have thin hair, I'm just not sure what to do!

What do you Gal Pals think? Let me know your favorite style!

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Bangs Style #1 [First Photo] - I love the cut of these bangs, I just don't know if I can pull it off!

Bangs Style #2 [Second Photo] - My hair is growing out and I possiablly could do this style!

Bangs Style #3 [Third Photo] -  If I was going to chop my hair off, I would do this! I love the messy look!