So can you say hypocrisy?  Josh Duggar has now admitted that he had accounts with the website Ashley Madison and has cheated on his wife.  That's the site for people looking to have affairs.  A website did a data dump of thousands of people who use the site.  And now everyone is doing searches for celebrities and people they know.

Oh wow!  Can you say shoes?!  Italian footwear maker Guiseppe Zanotti will be making custom shoes for Janet Jackson's "Unbreakable World" tour that kicks off August 31st.  They're designed to provide comfort for her dance moves and, of course, look good.  More on that here.

And just in case you'd like to wear his shoes, I've put a shopping link here.  But beware....they range anywhere from $500 to $1600 and more!

Remember last week when we talked about Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus getting into a Twitter war?  Well Taylor has noticed that Miley's been hanging out with Katy Perry.  The three of them used to be close.  But now Taylor's thinking that Katy is responsible for Miley lashing out.  We've got more here!

Last week we also mentioned how Ben Affleck's former nanny has no job but does have an expensive new car.  Well, now comes word that Christine Ouzounian is looking for a Hollywood agent and wants to be the next reality TV superstar.  Here's the scoop!

Did you know it costs over $4 million to take care of Michael Jackson's kids?  He made sure they would be very taken care of.  But what could cost so much?  We have the reasons why here!

Have you been wondering when Adele would release a new album?  She finally is and we've got the story here!

Kerry Washington recently had her first child and she was complimented for her body being back to its old form.  She doesn't really like that kind of compliment because she thinks that's looking backward and you should always be looking forward.  It's a really interesting article with pictures and she looks great.  See more here.