Every month we feature a different Peace Officer for some act that they did above and beyond the call of duty. This month we feature officer Kienan Goodnight of the Midland Police Department.
Here is the letter we received that gives the backstory:
On March 17, 2015, Officer Kienan Goodnight responded to a report of criminal mischief at XXXX Storey.  Someone had shot out a vehicle’s window overnight.  This was one of many similar reports filed that day, as some hooligan had gotten trigger happy with a BB gun.  This call was handled differently, I believe, than most others.
The victim, XXXXXX XXXXXXXX, is a very old widow.  Her husband died fairly recently, and she has never quite gotten things together.  Kienan took extra time to cover up her broken window.  Ms. XXXXXXX had wanted to put her vehicle in the garage, but there was too much crap in the way.  So, Kienan went into her garage and moved enough things around to make room for her vehicle.  Finally, Kienan parked the vehicle in the garage for her.
The essence of police work is taking care of people who can’t take care of themselves.  Kienan went far above what was expected of him to make sure this old widow was cared for.  I am very proud of Kienan for a job done exceptionally well.
Thank you Officer Goodnight for going above and beyond the call in helping one of our senior citizens!