Here's a look at the interesting things that happened on May 27th, in history.

78 years ago: In 1936, THE QUEEN MARY made its maiden voyage.  It was retired in 1967 and permanently docked in Long Beach, California where it's still open as a tourist attraction and has, allegedly, haunted!

77 years ago: In 1937, THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE opened in California, creating a link between San Francisco and Marin County.

73 years ago: In 1941, the British SUNK THE BISMARCK taking down almost 2,100 Germans in World War Two.

57 years ago: In 1957, "That'll Be The Day" by BUDDY HOLLY was released.  It was Buddy Holly's ONLY #1 hit.  He died less than two years later in a plane crash.

37 years ago: In 1977, "Smokey And The Bandit" was released, starring BURT REYNOLDS as the bandit and the legendary JACKIE GLEASON as Sheriff Buford T. Justice and Jerry Reed as the Snowman.

20 years ago: In 1994, after a five-year run, the final episode of "THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW" aired on Fox.

19 years ago: In 1995, LISA KUDROW married some guy named Michael Stern.  Lisa remained a VIRGIN until her wedding day and said she waited the 31 years to have sex because virginity is a special gift a woman gives her husband.

19 years ago: In 1995, CHRISTOPHER REEVE was paralyzed when he was thrown from his horse in Culpeper, Virginia.

17 years ago: In 1997, PAULA JONES got permission from the Supreme Court to pursue her sexual harassment lawsuit against President BILL CLINTON while he was still in office.

(Wise Bros.)