Some interesting things happened on this date in history; from fires, to greyhounds and Star Wars!

106 years ago:  In 1908, the FIRST HORROR MOVIE EVER"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", premiered in Chicago.  It was 16 minutes long and a silent movie.  Unfortunately, not a single copy of this film still exists.

100 years ago: In 1914, the GREYHOUND BUS COMPANY began its service in Hibbing, Minnesota.  At the time, it was a bus service for iron ore miners.

97 years ago: In 1917, the GREAT ATLANTA FIRE began at noon.  It was extinguished ten hours later . . . but not until it had burned down 300 acres and 2,000 homes, businesses and churches.  There was only one fatality; a woman who had a heart attack when she saw her house burn to the ground.

51 years ago: In 1963, 13-year-old STEVIE WONDER recorded "Fingertips Part 2", live at the Regal Theater in Chicago during a Motown Revue.  It became his first #1 hit.

34 years ago: In 1980, "Star Wars Episode Five:  The Empire Strikes BACK" hit theaters.  It went on to become the 12th highest-grossing film of all time.  (At the time, of course, it wasn't known as "Episode 5".  Just "Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back". 

24 years ago: In 1990, one of the MOST MEMORABLE SERIES FINALES EVER, the finale of "Newhart", aired on CBS.  At the end, Bob wakes up and reveals to his wife from his previous show, "The Bob Newhart Show", that the entire series was a dream.

15 years ago: In 1999, SUSAN LUCCI FINALLY won a Daytime Emmy for Best Actress, after losing 18 years in a row.  Susan Lucci was still Erica Kane on "All My Children" until it ended in 2011.

Three years ago: In 2011, Christian radio broadcaster HAROLD CAMPING predicted the world would end on May 21st.  After that prediction didn't come true he revised the date to October 21st and the end of days still didn't come.  He later admitted that no man could possibly know the date of the Rapture, and it was "sinful" of him to have tried to predict it. He passed away earlier this year, he didn't see that coming either.

(Wise Bros.)