I was sitting in the movie theater with my wife recently, when I saw the preview come on for a new movie called Promised Land. Being from ‘oil country’, the preview of this film made my blood boil. There’s a lot of so-called information out there coming from so-called experts, which is really just a bunch of garbage. But this film wasn’t put out there by folks supporting the ‘environmental agenda’. Nope, it was funded by a more sinister force.

Recently Matt Damon was cornered by Journalist Phelim McAleer (director of FrackNation documentary), who asks Matt Damon about his new anti-fracking movie Promised Land which was funded by the United Arab Emirates. Matt feigns ignorance, saying he didn’t know the UAE were funding his movie.

Now you've got to ask yourself; if Matt Damon is the wonder kid we’ve all been led to believe, Mr. Good Will Hunting, why didn’t he know who was funding his movie?

And it’s only natural to ask yourself, “Why would the United Arab Emirates fund and anti-fracking movie in the United States?” The answer is: If we stop fracking, we (the US) will no longer be the largest oil producer in the world, THEY would be and would stand to gain billions of dollars.

When discussing this with my friend David he responded, and I paraphrase, "So as it turns out Matt Damon is just a pawn, an actor, a hired liar. Does that make Ben Affleck the real genius?"

Watch the ambush interview here: