While cleaning out my storage area, I found some pretty interesting items that I had forgotten were there.

For example, a copy of the August 1991 Vanity Fair with a very pregnant Demi Moore on the cover. It may not seem that risque today, but 22 years ago, it was scandalous!

It's amazing what we put away; things with great sentimental value, some stuff just trash. I found my old 45rpm records I bought as a kid, old 'Disney Collector's VHS tapes' and things that belonged to loved ones no longer with us.

I did find some useful things that I pulled out of storage, some tools, photos to scan in for family and some CD's I'm transferring to digital. I also came across some old hats that my dad collected during his years in the oilfield. He literally had hundreds of different caps that I had to pair down to just a few. Some of my favorites are the Red Adair and Mobil caps.

Did you ever find anything really amazing that was tucked away in storage?