Creepy and cool. That's what this "making of" video for Lady Gaga's GAGADOLL is.

No, the GAGADOLL is not something that perverts and cretins can order online. Not at all! It's actually a life-sized, human-shaped listening station, where fans can get up close and personal with a faux Mother Monster and hear her music.

We must say that both the idea and the execution are pretty brilliant.

The clip shows the technicians in Japan who designed the lifelike doll, which is essentially the world's first listening station of its kind. You can see the love and care with which they crafted GAGADOLL.

The doll was created in Gaga's image and likeness as part of the promo for 'ARTPOP,' and if you get close to her, you can listen to her songs or hear heartbeat.

It truly looks like her and they didn't skimp out on the details, from the bangs to her pouty lips to her major heels. The GAGADOLL was crafted carefully form a special silicon which allowed it to mimic her facial expressions and her (do what u want with my) body.

PopCrushers and little monsters, how are you feeling about the GAGADOLL? Is it beyond cool? Extra creepy? Or just enough of both?