This weekend, Jim Carrey released a classless Funny or Die video in which he mocks the late Charlton Heston and the National Rifle Association with a goofy song called ‘Cold Dead Hand’ -- based, of course, on Heston's old quote, “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."

Carrey, true to his no-holds-barred persona, implies gun enthusiasts' affection for firearms compensates for itty bitty manhood issues, among other things. And according to what Carrey said in a release about the project, “I find the gun problem frustrating and ‘Cold Dead Hand’ is my fun little way of expressing that frustration.”

The problem, is that in his zeal do do something, he's done the wrong thing, the stupid thing. His diatribe instead of coming off as satirical, instead comes off as the rantings of a bi-polar who appears to be off his meds. Hateful without reason, lumping all gun owners into the little box in his head as evil m0%$#^#@&*%#'s, she's shown he has nothing to contribute to the debate but the base hysterics of an unbalanced, washed-up comedian.
Facts and real solutions have no place in this argument for Jim, just grandstanding and wrong-thinking. I'm sure gun owners will remember this when his new movie, not mentioned here, is released and return the favor by not spending their hard earned money to support his 1s Amendment right.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images

By the way, that's Charlton Heston along with other notable celebrities at a Civil Rights March in 1963. Where were you JIm? That's right, you were messing you diapers?

Do you think Jim Carrey went to far?