This Sunday at church, I saw some tables set up and my friends Sgt. Perez and Cpl. Jurado with Honor Our Troops behind them. After greetings and some catching up, I promised them that I would help get the word our again about this great organization!

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This morning I had the privilege of speaking with Sgt. Perez and Cpl. Jurado, about the organization Honor Our Troops. H.O.T. sends care packages two bases in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Honduras and other places around the world where our troops are serving our great nation.

H.O.T. is a locally based, volunteer based, year round program that has sent out over 40,000 soldier care packages to date.

You can send a soldier that is overseas a care package. Your business can sponsor care packages for five military bases that hot supports.

You can provide a financial gift to help the postage products. You can also sign up a soldier in your family or one you know that it's overseas, to receive packages from H.O.T.

Thank you for Honoring our troops!