If you are a fan of the British television show 'Doctor Who', you may have at one time or another wondered how they get the TARDIS from one location to another. 

'Doctor Who' has been a fan favorite of  British TV for over 50 years. Fans love seeing the big blue police box at various locations around their country as they shoot the show. If you're a fan of the show, you yourself have probably wondered if they transport it in one piece, fly it in or assemble it on location. Wonder no more, because the folks behind the production have released a video of how they get the TARDIS from place to place.

Watch 'How to build a TARDIS in 50 seconds!':


How to Build a TARDIS in 50 SecondsHere's a time lapse of how the production team builds a TARDIS on location in 50 seconds (remember, timey wimey...)

Posted by Doctor Who on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The video was shot in the Nevada desert as the crew prepared to shoot the mid-season finale of 'Doctor Who' which aired this past Saturday.