It's that time of season when we start talking about breast cancer awareness, but before all the serious stuff, let's take a comical look at what the ladies call 'the girls' (#5).

Figuring out how to refer to your breasts shouldn't be this hard. Guys find it one of the easiest things to do.

A new survey asked women what word they usually use when they're talking about their breasts.  And like you'd expect, the answers were all over the map.  Here are the 10 most common terms.

1.  Boobs. (Coincidentally, also what women call their man.)

2.  Boobies.

3.  The t-word.

4.  Breasts.

5.  The girls.

6.  The twins.

7.  My friends.

8.  Puppies.

9.  Melons.

10.  Knockers.

Honorable mention: Jugs.

Did we miss one? let us know what you call yours in the 'comments' section below!

(Daily Mirror)