Let's face it, it's a lousy job and unless you want to buy all new digital copies of your music at less quality than your CDs had, you're going to spend some time burning your library into iTunes.

I've put it off as long as I can. So beginning tonight and into this weekend I'm going to be burning my music library that's on CD, into iTunes. I have enough hard drive space that I can save it in a .wav format, which sounds better than MP3 but it still takes a long time.

Photo by Spencer

As you can see, I have quite the collection; which doubled when I got married! This is about half of it. It's like cleaning out the junk drawer when you finally realize that your movies and CDs are taking up way too much room in your house.

Fortunately, many of them are 'greatest hits' CDs which will hopefully speed up the process.

I just wanted to share how I'll be spending my weekend with you!