If you are a gun owner, you may feel like the world is against you, or at least all of the main-stream media. Now, thanks to Jim Scoutten and the folks at Shooting USA, you can make your opinion known. Jim and the folks at Shooting USA have created a .pdf that can be downloaded and printed out so gun owners who carry legally can share their views about ‘gun-free zones’, or business where a concealed carry license holder is not welcome.

Americans are voting with their dollars against new gun-control measures proposed by this Administration and a few left-leaning Senators. The FBI said that in December, it processed more firearms applications than anytime in history. Simply, Americans are buying guns to protect their families in case the government tries to ban them.

FBI stats also show that more people are killed with hammers than rifles and figures also show that the original ‘assault weapon’s ban” was a complete failure, because criminals don’t follow gun laws. Those laws only restrict honest American’s ability to defend themselves against those well armed criminals.

All your rights hinge on the ability to defend them, and without the 2nd Amendment, the rest are lost.