Last Saturday afternoon Fox 24 held their open auditions for The X-Factor and there was a surprise winner!

The auditions were held at Music City Mall Saturday afternoon where anyone who wanted, could come out and sing for two minutes and impress the judges. The entrants ran the gambit of ages and styles, from country to opera. After the first round, twenty-five contestants were whittled down to ten.

After round two, that number was cut in half. By then end the winner was selected: A young lady that was as the mall that day getting a prom dress when someone asked her if she wouldn’t mind entering and singing in the competition. At it’s completion, Hanna Potter was the winner, getting a trip to Denver, Colorado and one of the first in line to audition for the regional finals of X-Factor.

Hanna Potter and Spencer

Good luck Hanna, we’ll be rooting for you!