There have always been those foods that are unique to the county fair. Guess what a creative vendor decided to make this year?

America's fried food innovators have spent the past several years trying to figure out how to make snacks even more unhealthy through deep frying; from Twinkies to Oreos to Snickers bars and ice cream, they've succeeded. So what do you do when you run out of junk food to deep fry?

46-year-old "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian is a fried food legend, and every year he debuts new creations at the San Diego County Fair.  This year, Charlie's come up with a deep-fried SLIM-FAST bar.

The Slim-Fast chewy chocolate bar is a snack for people who are dieting and clocks in around 200 calories.  Charlie coats it in batter, deep fries it, and coats it in powdered sugar and chocolate which adds about 500, so now it tops 700 calories!

He says he got the idea when he was brainstorming what new thing to fry this year, he picked it because, quote, "it was a total oxymoron."

For what it's worth, he says it's delicious.  Quote, "I honestly think this is better than my deep-fried Oreo, which is the thing I'm most famous for."

They'll be available at the San Diego County Fair, which runs through July 4th weekend.


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