Shooting enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the new Glock 43 Single stack 9 mm pistol, perfect for concealed carry.

Earlier this week, Glock released information, pictures and stats on its new glock 43 which is a single stack 9 mm pistol aimed at the concealed carry market, or deep cover police operations period

Single stack refers to the magazine where the bullets are held; blocks up until this point have been double stacked for the bullets rest almost side-by-side in the magazine making the grip wider. The single stack design allows the gun to be much thinner and therefore much lighter, easier to conceal and more comfortable to control while shooting. These attributes make it especially attractive to lady shooters, or anyone who appreciates a full-power but comfortable to carry sidearm.

Glock is always been known for its reliability and toughness and those who got chance to shoot the new Glock43 say it is no different.

Shooting and Self-Defense Expert, Massad Ayoob Reviews the New Glock 43.

Will Glock be able to grab some large marketshare from companies like Smith& Wesson and Ruger in the concealed carry market? We'll see.

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