Seems like every store I go into all I see are Peeps -- Peeps everywhere! I have yet to buy a box, but I'm planning on it, and when I do I'm making these awesome treats.

Sushi Peeps


Sushi Peep -Take some Peeps, Rice Krispie Treats and Fruit Roll Ups and you have this rad pseudo-Japanese sugar treat!

Peeping Cupcakes


Peeping Cupcakes -These are so cute if you need some cupcakes for easter these are super easy! I found this delicious cupcake recipe perfect for these Peeping Cupcakes.

Peeps Hula Bunnies


Peeps Hula Bunny - Ok! You're going to have to be really good at frosting to make these, or just have tons of patience to make these Peeps Hula Bunnies, but it's totally worth it. These are so adorable and the sugar rush would be crazy!

There are so many things to create out of peeps, I had to stop looking before I ended up in a sugar coma!