This morning I received a notice that the horrible 'Kill Kendall Jones' page had been removed.

The Texas Tech cheerleader who garnered national attention after posting pictures of animals she had darted or taken during safari, was the target of hate filled posts from lefties and animal rights whack-jobs wishing for her death. There was even a Facebook page created called 'Kill Kendall Jones', which many reported and demanded it be taken down.

Initially, Facebook refused, but after mounting pressure and outcry from rational members, the page was taken down.


The fact that people threatened the young woman over her pictures is amazing and sad to me. These same people don't bat an eye when eating a hamburger and never give a dime to conservation efforts, but will post death threats, while ignorant of how these hunts actually help species flourish. They condemn something they know absolutely nothing about, with a self-righteous furor mainly seen in ISIS recruitment videos.

Regardless, my advice to Kendall is to keep her head up and keep doing what she's doing. If these kinds of people hate you, you're doing something right.