Recently I purchased an external Seagate hard drive for my new MacBook Pro which features the new Thunderbolt data transfer system. The new I/O technology is extremely fast, but early adopters have to spend $50 on the new Thunderbolt cable to make any peripheral work. So, after already being gouged by Apple, I thought the $130 price tag on the new drive was pretty fair. I should’ve read the fine print.

The box said it was ‘Thunderbolt ready”, so without doing any further investigation I bought it and took it home. I tore into the package like a kid at Christmas only to find there was no Thunderbolt port on the drive. Upon closer inspection, I found that I would have to buy the ‘optional’ Thunderbolt adapter for the hard drive...for $100 more!

I wish I had waited for the new LaCie Thunderbolt Hard Drive. I have had a really good experience with LaCie hard drives. They are a reliable dependable hard drive and it comes with the Thunderbolt cable!

Lesson learned, ‘Let the buyer beware’.