Three buildings thought to be set for demolition are going to be remodeled to begin revitalization of downtown Midland.

According to, Midland's downtown revitalization will begin soon as three buildings thought by residents to be set for demolition will now be remodeled.

The three buildings are located next to each other along Texas Street, they are the Vaughn Building, Building of the Southwest, and the Western United Life Building.

All have been vacant for over a decade but each is planned to be "eye candy" for the new Hotel Santa Rita set to break ground and begin construction on October 31 of this year in the old location of the courthouse..

The Vaughn Building will be the first one renovated and is set to open next March as a retail, office, and residential building.

The Building of the Southwest is set to be renovated into condos, and the Western United Life Building is planned to be a hotel.