On this day May 12th, 1839 something dark was set into motion that could have killed 7 US Presidents while they were in office.

As the story goes, after years of bloodshed and broken promises, a Shawnee Indian chief cursed the GREAT WHITE FATHER for violating Indian treaties.  That supposedly started the strange cycle of deaths at the White House:  Every President elected or re-elected at 20-year cycles died in office from 1840 through 1960.

1840 - William Henry Harrison - died of pneumonia 30 days after inauguration.

1860 - Abraham Lincoln - assassinated.

1880 - James Garfield - assassinated.

1900 - William McKinley - assassinated.

1920 - Warren G. Harding - died of mysterious natural causes.

1940 - Franklin D. Roosevelt - died of a brain hemorrhage in his fourth term.

1960 - John F. Kennedy - assassinated.

President Ronald Reagan, who was first elected in 1980, escaped death after an assassination attempt by John Hinkley.  Some say that his wife Nancy broke the cycle by consulting with astrologers. Others think that after 7 generation the curse had run its course. It could just be coincidence, right?