When the temputure gets above 70 degrees, what do you think about? Me? Sunshine, Smores, BBQs and swimsuits! Yep, that most women hate trying on -- swimsuits. Don't fret, I have some simple steps that will help you!

Today, on my lunch break I went swimsuit hunting and I'm not one to wear a one peice, they're just not comfy!

If you struggle with finding the perfect swimsuit it's OK we have all been there! Follow these simple tips that helped me:

  • Wear high heels when trying on any suit, they make your legs look amazing!
  • Try on the top first! Make sure you bend over!
  • When you select your bottoms choose one size up, I have learned that bottoms always fit better one size up!
  • Get "string-style" bottoms, it'll be easier to adjust the string for your hips!
  • Check yourself out! If you don't look in the mirror with your swimsuit on, you may not be happy in public.
  • Toss up your hair in a pony tail and put on your sunglasses! Check out the whole package you have on!
  • BUY IT! Don't keep looking choose the one that you feel the best in!

It took me ten minutes to find my bikini today and I only spent $10!